Who are welcome in the holotropic group?

Those who want change in their lives

  • seek healing, liberation from suffering
  • seek help and guidance for life difficulties
  • reached a turning point, transition in their life
  • desire inner growth, fulfillment, happiness

Those driven by curiosity

  • want to deepen their self-awareness (beyond working with words, images, emotions)
  • are interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • want to have a safe psychedelic experience without medicines/drugs
  • want to better understand their life purpose, their spiritual path

Those who wish to experience

  • themselves
  • inner freedom
  • a true sense of belonging, community

Those who want to develop their

  • intuition
  • creativity
  • spiritual practice

Those who wish to be more present

  • in their bodies
  • in their lives
  • for others (e.g. those in the helping professions)
In the kind of world we have today, transformation of humanity might well be our only real hope for survival.
— Stanislav Grof