Why choose us?

Holotropic Breathwork™ (similarly to psychedelic therapy and plant ceremonies) is a comprehensive, powerful, and effective psycho-spiritual method. Through the expansion of consciousness, it embraces the totality of the human experience, including the body, individual mind, and experiences beyond.

We provide special conditions and support for safe and effective inner work in the holotropic state of consciousness:

Safety, respect, acceptance

At the workshop, the physical, mental, and spiritual safety of participants is paramount. In a non-judgmental and protective space, the respect and acceptance of each individual's personality and inner experiences are fundamental. Trust and a sense of community are fostered within the group.

Space, time, completion

The comfortable and spacious workshop room, mattresses, colorful pillows, and blankets allows that everyone can position themselves according to their own needs and use their own space freely during the breathwork process. There is ample time in the workshop for each participant's process to complete at their own rhythm at a safe resting state.

Pairs in the group

During the workshop, participants form pairs and move through the process together. During the breathwork session, the "sitter" is present for the "breather", and they switch roles for the next session. The trust and reciprocity towards the breathing partner is a highly important experience for many participants.

Breath, music, trust

During the approximately three-hour-long session, the breather lies on a mat and supported by their own breath and the music in the room, enters the holotropic state of consciousness, trusting their own inner wisdom to guide them through a variety of unique, actual and meaningful experiences.

Free expression

Breathers, relying on the wisdom of their own bodies, can take any body position, move in any way and freely make any sound. After the breathing sessions, a rich and colorful artwork toolkit provides opportunity for those who wish to express their experiences in artistic creations.

Listening, holding, supporting

An appropriately sized team of professional, experienced facilitators will be present throughout the entire workshop so that each participant can receive personal attention. They take care of the safety of the group, facilitate the process and provide support to all those who request it, in exactly the way that the participants need it.

Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness.
— Peter Levine