Is it for me?

Holotropic Breathwork™ does not require any prior knowledge or experience. With few exceptions, it is recommended for everyone.

Holotropic Breathwork™, just like during normal breathing is a natural, effortless process for most of us. The deeper breathing is equivalent to mild to moderate physical exercise. However, during the holotropic process, it is possible to experience intense emotional or physical release. Our primary concern is the safety of the participants, with development and healing following only afterwards.

Participation is not safe/contraindicated during pregnancy or diagnosed epilepsy, aneurysm, acute psychotic or spiritual emergency, current acute infectious disease and retinal detachment. If any of these conditions apply, you cannot work with this or similar method at this time. (If you are uncertain, we can help you decide whether the method is suitable for you. If there is a clear no and if you require it, we can help you decide what method might be appropriate for you.) 

In addition to the above, there may be other conditions that constitute absolute or relative contraindications. Answer the questions below to find out if the participation is safe for you.