What is Holotropic Breathwork™?

A simple, efficient, dogma-free group method for self-discovery, healing and development. It aims for greater individual and collective consciousness, joy, fulfillment and wholeness.

It has five key features:

Holotropic State of Consciousness

Holotropic Breathwork™ is much more than a breathing technique: it is a body-oriented psychospiritual method. The safe and supportive application of this method in appropriate set and setting creates a holotropic state of consciousness. What sets this expanded state of awareness apart from other altered (non-ordinary) states of consciousness is that it facilitates an inner process of healing and development.

Inner directed process

Holotropic Breathwork™ creates a process guided from within. The individual is the source of their own healing and development. No external guidance or direction is required. There is also no need for substances or artificial interventions. The method is natural and does not require any prior knowledge or training, only the power of our own breath and appropriate support.

Awakened Inner Healing Wisdom

The source of this process is the evolutionary intelligence innately dwelling in all living beings, which is referred to as inner healing wisdom or Inner Healer. This is what enables us to live, grow, develop,  it heals our wounds, helps us learn, and is how we move towards aliveness, happiness, consciousness, deeper meaning and greater wholeness. The inner healing wisdom is awakened in holotropic state of consciousness, which drives the process from within towards greater wholeness (from the Greek holotropic meaning "holos" - full + "trepein" - movement, growth, i.e. one who is on the way to wholeness).

No right or wrong experience

During the holotropic process, each individual gains unique, timely and meaningful inner experiences that are ready to be processed or integrated into the personality and which facilitate possible change and development in the current life situation.

Inner growth, zest for life, wholeness

Our inner wisdom is restricted by certain past experiences and the ordinary mental functions, which cause blockages and hinder development. These can manifest at physical, psychological, relational and spiritual levels in the form of problems, symptoms, dissatisfaction or the need for inner growth and development. By practicing Holotropic Breathwork, the blockages are released and our inner wisdom, aliveness and intuition become more accessible in everyday life. We become more connected to ourselves and to the world around us.

Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods.
— Peter Levine